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As you all know, I’m currently on maternity leave after having Mason in February and maternity pay sucks.  Big time.  So I’m having to be extra organised for Christmas this year to make sure that no one misses out. I’m also trying to make my money stretch as far as it possibly can.  It’s common knowledge that I love a bargain; before I checkout on any website you can be sure that I will google “discount codes for (enter shop)”.  I hate to pay full price for anything if it can be avoided!

Step forward Latest Deals 

This website shows you where all the bargains are hiding.  It covers everything from wine to shampoo to wellies.  It’s as simple as entering what you want into the search bar and everything thats on offer will pop up.

 I’m not a big drinker by any stretch; a bottle of wine once every couple of months is more my speed.  However, a lot of my family and friends enjoy the odd glass of an evening.  So when it comes to buying presents a bottle of something is top of my list.  Searching ‘wine’ brings up things like voucher codes for websites, deals on glasses and gift wrap – this particular idea is a favourite of mine – among other things!

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of deals available which could save you lots of pennies!  Some of the deals involve buying wine in bulk – say 6 or 12 bottles – this means that you get the best price possible for that particular brand and also the cost per bottle is less too!  Win, win!

I just couldn’t believe some of the offers I found on Latest Deals; not all of them are available online, some are in-store only but the best part is the website tells you exactly where you need to go to get those exact deals.

The site doesn’t just cover bottles of wine, it also lets you know about offers where wine is simply involved in one way or another.  For example, as I write this there is a deal for an overnight stay in Birmingham where dinner and wine is included in the offer price of £109!  Perfect if you’re buying a gift and have a bit more in your budget to play with or even more perfect if you just fancy a night away for you and your partner.

All I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to look for the best deal available before you commit to buying something.  You’d be surprised what bargains you can find if you just take a little extra time to look!

Happy Shopping!

V x

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. However, as always, all thoughts are my own & in no way influenced by the company or any of its affiliates.

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  1. missbeautysaver says:

    Sounds like a bargain website I will have to check out for myself – I do enjoy having a browse through discount websites and seeking out all the best deals I can find. Great that I can do it all online from the comfort of my own loving room!
    Hanna x |

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