On your 4th birthday – a letter to my boy.


My beautiful boy.  The one who made me a Mummy and gave me the best job I’ve ever had.  I honestly don’t know what I did before you came along; you were the puzzle piece I never knew I was missing.  As I’m writing this you are sound asleep; the next time I see you, you’ll be a big 4 year old.  I can’t quite decide how I feel about that.  On the one hand, I’m so excited to watch you grow and see  what the future holds for you but on the other hand I hate the fact that you’re getting bigger – I want to keep you tiny forever.

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown this year; theres no baby left, you are definitely a little boy now.  You are so inquisitive; your brain runs at a hundred miles an hour and you’re forever asking questions, eager to learn.  Most people who meet you can’t believe your age, you talk like a child much older than you are and your general knowledge is incredible!  I’ve never met a 3 year old who can identify dinosaurs AND pronounce their names – some adults struggle with that.  You make me so, so proud everyday and I can’t believe that someone as amazingas you came from me and your Daddy!


You are my shadow; I can’t remember the last time I made it to the bathroom without hearing you call my name.  You love snuggles and often come running to me asking ‘do you have any kisses and cuddles?’.  I will always have kisses and cuddles for you baby boy.  You love so hard and consider everyone you’ve ever met to be your friend.  You are so confident; you know what you want and you’re going to get it.  Theres a quote going about that says ‘that moment when you hope your child’s sass will help them lead a company and not a gang in prison’.  Pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about you, some days your sass levels are off the chart!  I don’t worry about you going to new places at all, nothing phases you; you stroll into every situation like you’ve been there before and you’re always the first to say ‘I’m Connor, what’s your name?’.


You do love a plan – you need to know the who, what, when, where and why of any situation – I think you get that from me.  That’s where our similarities stop because you are fast turning into your Daddy.  Like him, you love to make people laugh, you are partial to a huff or two and you HAVE to have the last word – okay, maybe I’m partly responsible for that too.  Our house its going to be an interesting place when you’re a teenager!  Your wee personality is starting to shine through now, you love a song and dance – our kitchen dance parties are epic!  I love that you’re starting to sing along with the radio and I often catch you singing to yourself when you think no-ones listening.


You are the best big brother that Mason could ask for, the bond that you two have already is nuts!  You are the first person he looks for when he wakes in the morning and just before he goes to bed he giggles going upstairs because he knows you’re waiting at the top for him to play peek-a-boo!  Considering all the upheaval you’ve been through this year (Mason being born, a new house, Mason having meningitis) you’ve taken everything in your stride.

You drive me nuts 90% of the time but when you’re not there I miss your face. You are my best friend and I cannot believe that I love someone so tiny (and sassy) so bloody much.  I don’t know what we would do without you.

Connor Fisher, you make being your Mummy the easiest job in the world and I can’t wait to see where this next year takes you.

I love you all the way to Lidl, Home Bargains and the swimming.

Mummy xx

11 thoughts on “On your 4th birthday – a letter to my boy.

  1. TheSouthernerBlogs says:

    What a beautiful tribute! I love how this generation of children will have so much of how much they were loved documented. I wish I had more stuff like this from my childhood – I barely have videotapes and photos haha <3

    • lifeinthegingerlane says:

      Thank you 💗. That’s very true, I’m the same, I have 1 video of me & quite a few photos but my sister has basically no photos of her until she’s about 3 as the photo development place lost the camera spools 😂😂

  2. Mrs C says:

    Oh we are just weeks away from my eldest 4th birthday. These years are passing by so quick aren’t they? If only there was a pause button. Although how nice for your little one to have this post to look back on. Suddenly the toddler years seem so long ago and they have become proper little dinosaur obsessed boys 🙈

    • lifeinthegingerlane says:

      They totally fly by 🙈. It’s so scary. We had a dinosaur obsessed 2 year old so I’m slightly glad that’s passed, although now we’ve moved on to superheroes 😂🙈. Definitely all little boy now, no baby left 😫

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