Masons 4 Month Update


How he is 4 months old I’ll never know.  It has completely flown past.  He’s getting bigger and cheekier by the day!

He got weighed last week and at 17 weeks my little chunk weighed in at 16lb 8oz.  He’s pretty much fully into 6-9 months clothing although as I write this he’s wearing a 9-12month t-shirt and it really doesn’t look that big!  He wants to be on his feet all the time and if you hold his hands he actually tries to take steps which is bloody terrifying.  His right leg moves so quickly but he really has to concentrate to move his left.  He looks at it so angrily as well, as if he’s trying to work out why it won’t do what its told!  He’s still rolling front to back and almost back to front, if he could just figure out what to do with that arm he’d be off!


Sleep wise he still does a solid 11-12 hour stretch a night, we’re getting closer to having both him and Connor in bed at the same time.  Just now there probably about an hours difference, which isn’t bad going, all things considered.  Napping has pretty much gone out the window this month – Mason is King of the Catnappers.  He seems to have a couple of days where he’ll nap for 20 mins at a time then one day where he spends the majority of the day asleep – obviously catching up on all those lost zzz’s.  However, if he’s in the car or pram (and it’s moving, always has to be moving) he will sleep for the entire trip – sometimes if you’re very lucky, he’ll stay asleep even once you’ve stopped (that is the dream!).  He’s developed a wee thing for rubbing blankets over his face when he’s tired, particularly soft, fluffy blankets, I think he’s going to be one of those kids who has a comforter – Connor never was.


We’re still not a particularly big fan of the dummy.  He will only take the Mam soothers – yep, the ones that are £6 a whip, only the best for Mason!  Connor wouldve taken any old dummy, he wasn’t fussy, but Mason is a whole different kettle of fish.  He really only uses it to get to sleep then once it falls out he doesn’t wake looking for it, I’m hoping that means it’ll be easier to get off him eventually!  He has cottoned on to the fact that sooking the dummy means 9 times out of 10 he’ll fall asleep so he’s taken to spitting it out, if he’s trying to stay awake – I told you he was cheeky!


He is still the biggest smiler out, giggles are starting to become more frequent and he really is just the happiest baby.  Goos and gaas are pretty much constant now, he even shouts at you if you have the cheek to look away from him.  He loves attention, which he gets plenty of from his big brother.  Mason just loves to watch Connor and I can see already that he’s desperate to join in with all his nonsense – they’re going to be some pair!

Mason is still teething, those bottom 2 teeth are just about through, infact they may well be completely through but he won’t let me look in his mouth!  Dentinox teething gel and his fists are his best friends at the moment.


The biggest thing thats happened this month is we’ve started weaning.  For no reason other than he seemed ready and we were right.  This boy loves his grub, just like his big brother before him, there hasn’t been anything he’s disliked.  So far he’s had porridge, broccoli, banana (huge hit!), strawberry, carrot, peas, parsnip and pears.  He still has his 4 bottles a day but I’ve cut him down to 6oz instead of 8 at breakfast (using the other 2oz to make his porridge) and the same at dinner time.  He still has 8oz at lunch and 9oz at bedtime.  Water hasn’t been such a big hit but we’re persevering and offering it in a sippy cup with both meals and throughout the day, I’m sure he’ll grow to love it eventually.

Mason Loves

Standing Up – all the bloody time, he wants to be upright constantly

Music – He loves people singing – George Ezra is a particular fave at the moment.

Food – Banana and carrot have been his favourite so far.  Although he hasn’t spat anything back at me!

Connor – He just adores his big brother.  He would watch Connor all day if he could.

Mason Hates

Naps – Catnaps for the win apparently!

Water – This does get spat back at me regularly.

Lying down – Still not a fan, I think its more to do with nosiness than anything.

Overall, he really is the best baby.  I can’t complain at all.  Mason has made having 2 kids so easy for us so far, I hope it stays that way!

V x

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