Mason at 9 Months Old.

How has it been 9 months already?  On the one hand it feels like he’s been here forever, but then again, he was only born yesterday, wasn’t he?  I’ve missed a few of these updates; I did couple on Instagram @lifeinthegingerlane but others I just totally forgot to do.  Moving house has meant major upheaval in every aspect of our life, so we’ll start again at 9 months and see how far we get.  If you want to read other updates on Mason you can find his 4 month one here.

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So what can I say about Mason at 9 months?

He must weigh somewhere in the region of 23lbs?  He last got weighed at 7 months and he was around 21lbs then.  He’s rapidly growing out of 9-12 month clothes – he’s just so big.  I joke that he’s ‘Man Mountain’ but it’s really not funny when you have to carry him about.

He gets 3 bottles and 3 meals a day.  He literally steals the food off our plates, nothing is safe when he’s around.  If you’re eating you will most likely find him at your feet or climbing up your legs and saying ‘a bih’ which we’ve take to mean ‘a bit’.  We’ve yet to find anything this chunk doesn’t like – prunes, sausages, cauliflower cheese, you name it, he likes it.

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Mason is rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up to standing on anything he can get a grip of and taking steps when you hold his hands.  He’s absolutely desperate to be on the move & do everything Connor does.  Connor is his absolute favourite person in the world, his wee fave lights up as soon as he hears his big brothers voice or sees his face.  He’s the first person Mason looks for in the morning and he loves nothing more than sitting alongside him and playing together.

He chats non stop, even in the middle of the night.  His sleeping has gone out the window recently, we’ve had a few weeks of broken sleep – I’m putting it down to teething, although we still have a grand total of 0 teeth.  Connor didn’t get his first tooth til he was almost 10 months so I’m assuming Mason is going the same way.  We’ve had a few words – DaDa (which seems to mean Dad or Connor), Mama, BuhBuh (bye bye), Hiya – he’s a blether!

Clapping and waving are this months new skills, when he waves he says buh-buh, it’s the cutest thing.  Although he does that typical baby thing of waiting til the person he’s saying bye to is out of sight before he waves!  He’s also giving kisses now, Connor is usually on the receiving end of those, Mason will throw himself at Connor just to give him a kiss.

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His favourite things to play with are everything that he’s not allowed.  In particular he loves to eat shoes and paper – I swear he was a puppy in a previous life!  He’s so over his jumperoo and has been for a while; he needs to be free to roam wherever the mood takes him.  He’s not particularly fussed on many baby toys to be honest, he prefers to chew on his brothers wrestling or superhero figures.  Lights have always been a big source of fascination to Mason, he just loves looking at them; he finds the torch on my phone hilarious and really enjoys it when we use it to make shadows on the ceiling.

Peekaboo is a firm favourite as is him trying to put his dummy in my mouth – he thinks its hilarious when I pretend to spit it out.  He still loves music and George Ezra is still his absolute favourite – Shotgun is like white noise to him!

I don’t think theres much else to catch you up on.  He’s growing at a ridiculous rate & is beyond his age development wise, I always thought he would be – Connor was the same – but the fact that he’s had both meningitis and septicaemia and is still ahead absolutely amazes me!

My little superhero.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings baby boy, hopefully a bit more sleep!


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  1. walkamyelinmyshoes says:

    What a sweetheart! So great that recording all these milestones – even if you miss a few months. What wonderful memories you have recorded. Poor bubba has been through a lot in his nine months but it hasn’t slowed him down at all. Hope you’re hanging in there, Momma. Such wonderful hard exhausting work when they’re little. Loved this post, it made me think of my littles around the same aga. πŸ™‚

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