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When I was pregnant with Connor 4 years ago, I noticed a major change in my vision, obviously I got it checked out straight away and bought myself some new glasses only for my prescription to change again when he was born. Apparently high blood pressure & general pregnant-ness can cause changes in your vision which may only be short lived. Obviously I was unaware of this and spent a fortune on my new frames only to have to go out a few months later and get a new pair. Rookie mistake. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Mason, this time however, I was savvy enough to know what was happening and wait until he was here to have my eyes tested. There had been a definite change in my prescription which would require new frames, so when reached out to see if I would like to work with them again I was very excited!

I did a review of Perfect Glasses last year which you can see here, I opted for a pair from their cheaper range called Jorgio and was pleasantly surprised. This time around I decided to go for a more expensive pair of frames and using the try-on option I tested out probably every brown coloured frame on the site (I’m not brave enough to try another colour) and finally settled on a pair of designer glasses by Police. They are a dark brown with red legs and a little silver detailing in the corners, not my usual style with the red in them – slightly out of my comfort zone – but I loved the shape! Price wise these came in at £180 but are currently £90 using the discount code HALFOFF. There is such a huge range of both men’s and women’s glasses available, from basic frames starting at £15 to prescription sunglasses I challenge anyone not to find a pair they love!

The service was very quick and professional; my new glasses were courier delivered within the week & boy was I glad they were. The headaches and scrunched up eyes are long gone and I can finally see clearly again! My glasses came in a lovely protective case with a little cleaning cloth & I absolutely love them. The frame is slightly darker than I had expected but I’ve gotten used to that and actually I really like it! The glasses themselves are lovely quality; they feel very sturdy and I’m not concerned about them breaking easily – a very real possibility with 2 boys in the house!

Overall this has again been a very positive experience & I have been recommending Perfect Glasses to all my friends and family. So if you need new glasses or fancy treating yourself to a nice pair of sunglasses for the summer then definitely get yourself over to especially whilst there is 50% off – what’s not to love?!


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