Elf on the Shelf Returns With bakerdays

Elf on the Shelf Returns 



This year our Elf on the Shelf, Reindeer came back with a bang!  Not only did he bring a friend for Mason – complete with a massive balloon Elf – he also brought cake!  This guy definitely knows the way to my heart; I’m guessing this was to butter me up before all the mischief started.  

The cake came in this gorgeous little tin and was personalised with a lovely message to the boys.  This is a letter box cake from the fabulous bakerdays and not only can you get cake in the post but it actually tastes amazing.  Reindeer brought us chocolate flavour and it really was the tastiest cake ever, it was so moist but not soggy despite sitting in the tin.  I honestly can’t get over how good it was.  

Adam at bakerdays created this gorgeous Elf on the Shelf design as a surprise and would you believe it – it looks just like our Reindeer, if I didn’t know any better I’d say he’d made it himself!   The cakes can be delivered 10 days ahead of time as they stay fresh for 14 days; I can’t say it lasted 14 days in our house but it was just too delicious to leave!




bakerdays do so many different flavours, including gluten and dairy free and with their wide variety of designs there really is something for everyone.  I believe that you can also request a personalised cake and the team are amazing, they will not disappoint!  




I’m so grateful to Reindeer for introducing us to bakerdays and we will definitely be ordering from them in the future.  They offer next day cake delivery which is just incredible for people like me who always forget to get cakes for birthdays – honestly, I’m a nightmare.  Thankfully now that I know about this amazing company those days are behind me!


bakerdays have 15% off all orders in January if you use the code JAN15 – so what are you waiting for?  


V x


*bakerdays very kindly sent me the cake in return for an honest review, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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