Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018!

It’s almost time for the Elf on the Shelf to make his reappearance and this year ours is ramping up a notch!  Follow me on Instagram to see what he gets up to!  I thought I would share some of what our elf, Reindeer got up to last year, I wonder if any of your elves will do something similar this year?  If you click here you can see what other mischief our elf has gotten up to.



Winter Wonderland

Christmas decor

On the 30th November last year Connors stuffed toy reindeer ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.  Not before turning Connors room into a Winter Wonderland!  He had left his name tag and a note saying that he’d been called back to the North Pole for a special mission and he would see Connor soon.  Was he going to collect our Elf?


Caught Red Handed

This cheeky elf of ours was caught with his hand in Connors Advent Calendar!  Luckily we got him in time so the tsum-tsum inside was safe.


North Pole Breakfast

Connor came down one morning to find a whole North Pole breakfast waiting for him.  Reindeer had thought of everything –  pancakes shaped like Rudolph, jelly and skooshy cream and crackers!  It set him up perfectly for our visit to Santas Grotto that day.


Magic Eggs?

A bit of magic always goes down well in our house and this one was no exception.  Reindeer left a normal egg and some elf dust with a note saying ‘Lets do a magic trick!! Sprinkle some elf dust over the egg and let me do my magic.  Takes 1 sleep’.  Connor sprinkled the dust over the egg and went to bed.  When he got up in the morning all that was left was a Kinder Egg!


reindeer the wrapper

Apparently our elf is a dab hand with some wrapping paper and sellotape!  Who knew?  Our entire kitchen was wrapped – door handles included!


The Fruit has eyes


This one totally creeped David out but I think it looks pretty cute.  Reindeer found a use for all the googley eyes I had lying around the house.  Connor thought this was hilarious!


Cereal Elf

Caught impersonating a penguin!  And he burst a hole in the cereal box!  He was not in the good books that day.


Target Practise

A spot of early morning target practise with some extra large snowballs.  Connor quickly moved Reindeer out the way so that he could play!


Balloon Bath

Have you ever had a bath in inflatables?  Reindeer has.  Connor absolutely loves balloons so this one went down a treat.  Can’t say I enjoyed it as much;  8 months pregnant and 30+ balloons isn’t the best combination.


Houston we have a problem

Reindeer appears to have crash landed in the Christmas tree!  We think he must’ve been so tired on his way back from the North Pole that he lost control of  the plane!


Elf jail

The dinosaurs had had enough of Reindeers antics and tied him up before he go up to anymore mischief.  This has to be one of my favourite things that has happened to our elf.  Connor thought it was hilarious, especially since he was still slightly mad at Reindeer for decorating the tree with his pants the day before!


We always have so much fun when Reindeer comes to visit, I can’t wait for this year.  Do you have an elf?  I’d love to see what they get up to.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I have a funny feeling this year could be our best year yet.


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