DinoM8 Indoor Play Area – Review

So, on Monday we went to DinoM8 which is a new Jurassic themed soft play in Chapelhall, Airdrie.  As I have mentioned about a million times Connor is absolutely dinosaur daft so when I heard that this had opened I was desperate to take him. Chapelhall is about a 30 minute drive out of our way but it was totally worth it.

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On arrival you are greeted by the sight of absolutely massive Tyrannosaurus Rex & Brachiosaurus models, I don’t know if they are ‘life sized’ but they’re definitely huge.  As predicted Connor was fascinated by them & kept asking if he could ‘ride on T-Rexs’ back’ his only negative of the day was that the answer to that question was no!

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There is a separate part to the soft play for under 3’s but you can pay extra to have access to the whole place.  We paid Β£4.95 to let Connor have the run of the place which worked out well as there seemed to be a baby group (all under a year) in the under 3’s section & I was terrified that Connor was going to land on one of them!  Unusually for soft plays the baby/toddler bit looked pretty good; it had the usual ball pit and slides but there was also a variety of other activites.  A touch screen where you could pretend to play the drums/piano, do jigsaw or even answer maths problems, a small trampoline inside a perspex tube, large building blocks and a load of tunnels and climbing parts.

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DinoM8 is different to any soft play we’ve ever been to before as it’s quite interactive.  There is a large volcano that randomly rumbles and motion sensors throughout which let off sounds of roars and shrieks as you pass under them.  There is also a football pitch/basketball court which you have to climb a few floors to reach.  The shooting gallery is the part Connor loved best, thankfully he didn’t see the bumper cars of we would never have been allowed to leave!

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Throughout the whole place there are models of different dinosaurs, and the attention to detail is fantastic – even the bins are dinosaur eggs!   They offer kids parties and the Party Rooms are filled with ultraviolet lights and decorated with claw marks and ‘DANGER’ signs.  I think this will be a possibility for when Connor turns 3 in September.

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Connor definitely enjoyed his time at DinoM8, he’s been asking to go back to ‘Dinosaur Land’ ever since we got home.  After looking at their website I see that they offer a membership card which allows you to get 10% off unlimited entry & food and drink – I might just have to look in to that!  I have a funny feeling that this will be our soft play of choice from now on.

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V xx

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    • lifeinthegingerlane says:

      Yeah it was good. We went really early – like 10am on a Tuesday morning & it was really quiet. Definitely worth at least 1 visit I would say. We’re going back this week πŸ™ˆ Connor loved it πŸ˜‚ xx

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