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I’ve seen a few posts recently about bedtime routines and I thought I would add ours to the mix.  We have had basically the same routine since Connor was born with a few add ons as he has gotten older.

To be fair, he always has been a relatively good sleeper – I’m convinced this means the next one is going to be an insomniac!  I do think, however, that having some kind of routine also helps settle your little one at night.

The bedtime routine here starts at roughly 6pm, this is when I start to run the bath.  He does get bathed at my Mum & Dads quite often so depending on whether we are at home or there this time can vary by 15-20 mins.  Bath time usually lasts about 20 minutes, give or take, unless my Dad is bathing him in which case the pair of them can be in there for nearer an hour playing with dinosaurs.

After bath its jammies on, sometimes I put a body lotion on Connor – particularly in the colder months, I like to use the Dove Baby range as it’s so lovely!  Then if he’s hungry he has some supper, usually a slice of toast and some milk; to be honest, he eats that much during the day that he rarely asks for anything!

By this point it’s around 7pm so we head upstairs to his room where he will pick his books for the night.  If David is home Connor usually drags him upstairs to play tennis or some random made up game involving rolls of cellotape but if it’s just the two of us we go straight for the books – I’m clearly not as fun as Daddy!  Most nights we read 2 books but if they are particularly short or we happen to be in bed earlier than planned then we might add another one on!  His favourites at the moment are the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks collection by Kristina Stephenson or any dinosaur related book that catches his eye!

After the books it’s time to brush his teeth, I usually do it first much to his disgust & then he finishes them off by himself. I tuck him into bed and sometimes he asks me to sing him a song – the most requested number is Little Bunny Foo Foo but every now and again he lets me choose!  A kiss and a cuddle follow and then it’s lights out & I head downstairs for some peace (and usually my dinner!)  Most of the time that’s him out for the night but if he does shout on one of us we go into his room, sort the problem and leave again.  Lately we’ve actually taken to just staying outside the room and telling him it’s time to sleep as we discovered that he was just shouting on us for a chat!  As if he doesn’t talk enough during the day haha!

On a good night I’m downstairs for 7.30pm at the latest and he sleeps through until 7am most mornings.  We follow the same routine for his nap during the day, he’ll usually sleep for about an hour and a half after nursery.  We’re so lucky that at 3 he will still nap, I know a lot of his wee friends have refused it for a while now.

So that’s our bedtime routine.  When number 2 comes along we’ll do the same with them and fingers crossed it’ll work as well second time around!

What’s your bedtime routine with your little one?

V xx

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