Baby Dove Skincare Review

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As a first time parent I was quite naive, I automatically assumed that the products that I had heard of for babies must be the best otherwise why would people talk about them?  I quickly realised that this was not the case.  When Connor was first born we didn’t use anything other than Johnsons on his skin and it did the job but over time his skin lost that baby softness.  I just accepted that this was what happened, after all he is 3 in September, he can’t stay soft as a babys’ bum forever, can he?  I found a new product of Johnsons which was a gel/oil type moisturiser for after a bath or whenever your childs skin feels particularly dry.  The difference in Connors skin after just a few uses was amazing – it was so smooth, however that was short lived because after a couple of days use he developed an allergic reaction.  Everytime I put it on his skin after that, particularly his stomach and back, he would come out in a red blotchy rash.  It wasn’t painful for him but in my opinion, anything which makes your skin do that can’t be good for you.  So it was back to the drawing board on the toddler skincare front.

Enter Baby Dove.  My Mum picked these up in our local supermarket for the trial price of £1 each! She got a shampoo, a head to toe body wash and a lotion.  There are two different ranges within the Baby Dove collection – Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture.  We went for a mixture of both; every product in the range is mild and hypoallergenic which is perfect for Connor who has slightly sensitive skin.  I put some of the head to toe body wash in his bath and then used it to wash all over his body, it’s surprisingly foamy – 2 pumps of the body wash was more than enough.  I then followed up with the Rich Moisture shampoo which as well as being hypoallergenic is also tear and ph free – according to the Dove website it’s as gentle as water.  I was keen to try this out as Connor gets a dry scalp from time to time and I felt the other shampoos I had tried were too perfumed and made the problem worse.  The Rich Moisture shampoo actually moisturizes as well as cleanses the scalp/hair – it definitely works; I noticed an improvement in his scalp almost straight away, his hair looks shinier too!  After his bath I covered him in the Sensitive Moisture lotion which dries almost instantly and isn’t sticky at all.  When getting him dressed the next morning I noticed how soft and smooth his skin was – the difference was amazing especially after just 1 use!  We have been using this trio of products for over a week now and the baby smoothness is back, Connors skin is so so soft, I can’t even explain it, the difference is ridiculous!

Baby Dove is now going to be my go to for baby skincare & I have even bought the gift set they offer as a present for my cousins new baby.  I would have absolutely no qualms using this on a newborn, that is how soft and gentle I believe it is.  This coming from the woman who used nothing but water to clean her babies bum until he was about 18 months old!  There are other products available within the Baby Dove range which I haven’t tried yet but am definitely keen to, they include – a baby bar available in both Rich and Sensitive Moisture ranges, a Rich Moisture Nappy Cream and Rich/Sensitive Moisture baby wipes.  I will definitely be adding them to my trolley the next time I happen to see them at the supermarket.

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